Previously in eyeball emoji tweets that may or may not be related:

Look, I'm not one to make up dots and try to connect them to my boss like some sort of reckless journalist. I spent too many years in journalism school to betray the craft like that. 

Wait a minute, I'm not a journalist. I don't even know what journalism school is! Do you go to journalism school after you graduate college? Do you go there instead of college? Is journalism school just a fancy creation of the media that says you graduated college with a journalism degree? I don't know and I don't care!

What I do know is that my boss is being linked to the ownership group being linked to purchasing the Mets, he sure as shit isn't shooting down those rumors, and every team he has been associated with has won a title since Barstool was born. 2020 ain't so bad after all! Uncle Stevie should still be viewed as our savior if he goes full Bobby Axelrod to get this team. But I wouldn't hate it if the Wilpons stiff Cohen for a bid with Mike Repole that would turn my boss into a minority owner of my beloved Metropolitans that could maybe lead to some random Costanza job for me in the organization. I'm thinking head of concessions because I have plenty of experience in the snack game while I would only be like a Top 5 GM of the franchise during my time as a fan.

In case you need any more dots to prove that these anonymous roads lead to Flushing, look no further than this.