The Most Goddamn Knicks Move Possible: They Are Interviewing Jason Kidd For The Head Coaching Job And Hoping He Brings Giannis

You know it's been a little too long since I felt like the Knicks were the goddamn Knicks. It was pretty much halfway through the season when they couldn't figure out rotations, didn't really trade anyone at the deadline despite that being part of the plan with everyone on 1-year contracts. The constant losing wasn't even doing it for me, that's just being a Knicks fan in tank life. But this? Bringing in Jason Kidd - JASON KIDD - for an interview lets me know the goddamn Knicks are back to being just that. 

We've seen Jason Kidd try to work with a young team before in Milwaukee. It wasn't a drastic failure or anything like that. It just wasn't ... it wasn't the answer, let's put it that way. We had the story of him yelling at dudes for going to strip clubs: 

We've seen him with experienced teams like Brooklyn. Remember when he did this? 

Maybe he is made for the Knicks after seeing that again. Just an ultimate snake it till you make it move and a dude that had no clue what he was doing. Pretty sure that's how the front office operated - and mostly James Dolan. But come on. Save the me talk that he was pretty much asked to be the Lakers assistant coach because of LeBron. Save me that he played for the Knicks, the last time we saw any sort of success. Save me he could pull a star because of his name. 

What star is he pulling? It's also not how the Knicks should be thinking right now.

Like yeah no shit the Knicks should be after Giannis. But this? This isn't the way to go about it. If Giannis really wanted to play for Jason Kidd, wouldn't he you know, still be the coach of the Bucks? Is Giannis really that appreciative of Kidd moving him to the lead guard spot? Again, this just feels like the standard reach of 'player had a come up with one coach, let's link them together.' Plus everyone knows the key is to get Rick Pitino (assuming he keeps coaching the Greece National Team) to form the bond with Giannis and then take both of them to the Knicks, duh. 

Every coaching hire has pretty much been 'he has a chance to land massive free agents' instead of 'he's known for building young guys and a young team.' That's the Knicks focus. They have the youth. They have more top picks coming in. Work with building a core. We've seen that be a way to be successful in the NBA. I'm not saying that anyone will replicate the Warriors - but look at the Nuggets. They grew Jokic, Murray, even a guy like Gary Harris. 

The lore of playing for the Knicks is gone. MSG is gone. There's nothing special about them besides NYC because of that fucking gremlin kazoo player running this franchise. He ruins everything. That's why the Knicks need luck more than any other franchise. They need to hire some young assistant that hasn't flamed out as a head coach yet. They have to hit the right draft picks and keep those guys together. 

Not bring in Jason Kidd. Not do this: 

This goddamn franchise man.