Mark Cuban Says The NBA Is Looking At Letting Fans Dictate What Noise Is In The Arena While Using An App At Home

[Source] - “We have been having a lot of fun with apps that allow fans to push noise they make at home into the arena,” Cuban says via Steve Serby of the New York Post. “So not only will there be competition on the court, there will be competition from fans to contribute energy as well!”

Cuban's explanation suggests that it's an idea. But an NBA source tells that the plan is already in the works after a pair of "successful experiments'' conducted in May during recent FOX Sports Southwest re-broadcasts.

"Cuban's 'crowd idea' is going to be a fact,'' the source says. "They've already tried it to see if it will work. It does.''

Yeah, I used the Larry Johnson 4pt play. video because it's my favorite crowd reaction shot in NBA history. 

You know what? Fuck it. Why not try something like this? That's been pretty much my stance on anything any of these leagues are trying out. Want to go pool play style and then have the playoffs from there? I was all for it. Want to put holograms or cutouts in the stands? Go ahead. Again, this is the time to get creative with anything you ever wanted to try as a league. Who is going to say anything? We're all desperate for sports to come back anyways, we'd watch it pretty much any sort of way. 

I will say this though. I still love their first idea of using 2k sounds: 

But I need to know more how this app is going to work. I assume, based on Cuban using the words 'competition' that it's going to be based on a vote off of multiple choice options. Makes sense, easiest thing to do. But I need this to be different. Set up a charity and let people donate money, the biggest donation at a certain time of the game gets to control the sound. Make it weird things. I don't know. Just make it a true competition. 

I still think for the playoffs you should let the 'home team' control the sounds. Make that part of the home court advantage. Put the 15th man in the DJ booth or really any person within your organization. They get to play any music they want. They get to control the soundboard. They get to control cheers and boos. It's not like they are going to play the actual game, so let them contribute that way. 

PS: Obligatory Mark Cuban video