Ja Rule’s Low-Budget Commercial for a Greek Restaurant Is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

“Papa Cristo’s got the best motherfucking gyros you’ve ever fucking had in your life!”

This is arguably the best piece of art to be created so far in 2020. I have no desire to go to Los Angeles, California, but I do now have a desire to go to Papa Cristo’s Greek Deli.

Ja Rule is the perfect celebrity to get to make a low-budget commercial for your Greek eatery. Someone who had had a fall from grace that you know you can get for $500 but that’s still a recognizable name who will produce viral gold like this. I don’t know what the equivalent in advertising Papa Cristo’s has gotten from this commercial, but I know it’s way more than it paid Ja Rule.

And for Ja, this is perfect. Now nobody’s talking about how you partnered with a con artist and now-convicted felon to swindle thousands of people out of money for a fake music festival. They’re talking about you trying to pronounce Greek foods.

I want Ja Rule to make commercials for small restaurants of every nationality. Just have him exclaim about the “best motherfucking enchiladas” and the “best motherfucking curry” you’ve ever had in your life.

This is Ja Rule’s way back.