The Trailer For Crash Bandicoot 4 Just Dropped And It Has Nostalgia Dripping Out The Anus

I have a feeling that the makers of Crash Bandicoot wanted to capitalize on old nostalgic idiots like me that are always looking to recapture those happy feelings we had as youngsters when life was easy and we spent hours playing Crash in our parents basement while slamming down Gushers and Kool-Aid Bursts. Based on what looks like the same gameplay setup of a marsupial Indiana Jones running from things, a fresh layers of paint to go along with a few million megapixels upgrade with all the hardware updates over four generations of PlayStations, and the motherfucking Rockafeller Skank soundtrack, I would say this game is geared for an Old like me to buy it. And you know what? Mission accomplished! Even the phrase It's About Time being in the title is perfect since everybody has been asking where their favorite (and probably only known) bandicoot has been for-fucking-ever now. I had enough tears rushing through one head as blood rushed to another before the characters started alluding previous Crash games before that glorious "hunamaga" soundbite. Straight nostalgia directly injected into my veins during a year where we all wish we could go back a decade or two when life was assuredly easier yet the video games were still fun as fuck to play.

As is the protocol with every blog that has this Fatboy Slim classic, I have to include this absolutely preposterous scene from She's All That which completely fucked up my perspective of what a high school dance should be.