I Haven't Even Played Outlast Yet & I'm Already Quivering In My Boots

Listen...after spending Five Nights At Freddy's I want to sound cool & make it seem like I'm not scared of Outlast. That would be a lie though & I don't like to lie. I'm fucking HORRIFIED. Everyone's been telling me how at least there's some comedy in Freddy's, which there is, and that Outlast could not be more serious of a game. 

And then RIGHT as I was beginning my stream last night my internet download speed went to shit. The smart people on the HooliganZ team (Logan, Blaise, and TJ) told me it should be in the mid-30's range & randomly when my stream began it was down to 1. No idea why. No explanation. I think Outlast is already coming for my head through the technology.

Anyways tune in tonight after Coach Duggs as I (hopefully) begin my duel with Outlast. And I'm gonna try to steer clear of the Hog Brothers while I'm at it. They don't sound so fun.