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Reddit Thread About Groupies Sleeping With Rock Stars Gives Us An A+ John Mayer Story

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This is where we’re at in 2015. If you’ve had an experience in life it will almost definitely end up on a Reddit thread at some point. Lot of boring stories that are fairly inconsequential.




Justin Bieber makes chicks sign an NDA and sucks at sex, no surprise.


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Lars Ulrich allegedly has a small dick according to this person, which makes sense considering all his Napster bullshit. Big time inferiority complex.


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This chick just does not give a fuck.


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But it all leads us to John Mayer and this absurd move. Could be true, could be totally made up, but it will 100% be what I think of when I hear John Mayer from here on out. Nah babe, don’t even need you for sex, just lay there for me real quick while I jerk off on your body. What a savage.



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Shocked the chick from KFC’s Wu Tang blog earlier today hasn’t shown up yet. Just kidding, she just talked “politics” all night, *WINK*