Whoa - No. 1 Recruit Cade Cunningham Dropped A Video Confirming He's Staying At Oklahoma State Despite Them Being Banned From The NCAA Tournament

And there it is. The biggest news in college hoops is that Cade Cunningham - the No. 1 recruit in the country - is staying at Oklahoma State. The moment that it was announced Oklahoma State was getting a postseason ban for this upcoming season (plus scholarship reductions, etc) rumors swirled about Cunningham leaving his commitment. Shit, even Mike Boynton, Oklahoma State's head coach, was open about it and said he'd talk to Cade and let him do whatever he wanted. 

It ultimately came down to Cunningham staying at Oklahoma State (where his brother is on the coaching staff), going to the G League or going to Kentucky. Those were the 3 options. He nearly committed to Kentucky when he was there for Midnight Madness before ultimately deciding to go to Oklahoma State to play for his brother. He also passed on a $500k G League offer before all of this too. 

Remember, the NCAA absolutely fucked Oklahoma State here too. They are punishing them due to the FBI investigation where an assistant coach lined his own pockets and gave $300 to one player. That's it. They weren't getting players to Oklahoma State. The assistant coach was lining his own pockets to send players already on the roster to certain companies when they became pros. So that's where it sucks that Cunningham isn't going to play in the NCAA Tournament. Because it's really over nothing. 

That said, it's not exactly shocking that Cunningham was going to stay at Oklahoma State. He picked them because of his brother. He wasn't going to leave because of that too. Hell, they were likely an NCAA Tournament team but in no way were they a lock. We've seen teams like Oklahoma State struggle - remember UNC this past season? Granted, I do like the way the roster was built and I think Cunningham is better than Cole Anthony, there is a recipe for failure too. 

Cunningham is so fucking good too: 


Gonna be bizarre to see him not play in the NCAA Tournament strictly because of the NCAA. Rare to see someone of his caliber stay committed to a school when this happens.