Wake Up With The 1991 Undertaker Vs. Ultimate Warrior Body Bag Match

Paul Bearer doesn't get enough credit but that's beside the point. For now I just want to throw it back to 1991 when Warrior and Undertaker squared off in the infamous Body Bag match. Maybe not as insane or idiotic as Hell In A Cell but still pretty fucking preposterous if you ask me. Overall just a great, suspenseful match that deserves more recognition. Nothing in my brain says it's a bad idea to bring the body bags back. 

Elsewhere, this was a time when home movies started becoming a thing but before the internet. In my due diligence I came across this absolute gem. It will become my sole mission the next few weeks to get the rest of Barstool Chicago on board that we need to run this video series back. Dibs on Shawn Michaels. Sweet chin music is an all time finisher.