Sheesh! LeBron Looks Like Shit

What the fuck? Did LeBron age 30 years in quarantine? He's somehow balder, thinner hair, grey in the beard. What in the hell happened? I thought red wine was supposed to keep you young not make you look like - as the Mickstape guys said - Clyde Drexler. We all agreed we'd get fat during quarantine. We didn't say anything about looking like this. 

I'm honestly shocked he hasn't gotten this scrubbed from the Internet. This is way more embarrassing than what Jordan Crawford did to him back in the day. 

Remember that? That was Internet 1.0 for sure. Crawford duking directly on LeBron's head and then LeBron getting his team to scrub this video off the Internet. It didn't matter though. Somehow this thing spread like wildfire even though nobody was on Twitter. We weren’t even close to Instagram being a thing. Everyone heard of this story from word of mouth and then finding the video. That’s how you knew it was a big deal.

That's what he's gotta do with this picture though. You can't be the best player in the league, on the title favorites and look like that. Unless you sweep every game, you can't look like complete shit. What is he doing though? Like this is what happens when you have too many yes men in your circle. 

Someone has to tell LeBron to shave that shit. I say that as someone who was balding and realized it was time to come home. You have to be self-aware, you just have to. You can't look at yourself in that picture and think you look good. You gotta clean it up.