Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr. Stealing a Fly Ball Away From His Dad And Getting Grounded

I'm not sure there's a better clip out there that better describes the smoothness of Ken Griffey Jr. than him stealing that fly ball from his dad. It's mesmerizing how he just glides over in front of his old man in the middle of a real baseball game and snags that fly ball so effortlessly. Hilarious that his dad got so mad he actually took his car keys away from him. Absolutely incredible move by Ken Griffey Sr. You hit as many homers as you want, and make as many stunning plays in the field as you do, but you disrespect pops like that you pay the price. 

There will never be anyone as cool on a baseball diamond as Ken Griffey Jr. The documentary last night was so awesome. It blew Long Gone Summer out of the water despite having 1/100th of the hype surrounding it going in. Even the clip about him talking about hating the Yankees I can't get mad at. How can you be mad at Griffey? I love George Steinbrenner to death, but man I wish he let him sit in the dugout. Goddamit George!

I can only respect that kind of hate and that long of a grudge. 

I could watch Junior rob home runs all day long. He didn't give a damn if his body was going to shatter into a million piece afterwards, he was going to catch that ball. The moment he had you timed up at the wall you were already out. No one better. 10 straight gold gloves in CF is flat-out preposterous. Waking up as a kid and turning on SportsCenter, one of these four things probably happened: Griffey hit a bomb. Griffey robbed a homer. Edmonds robbed a homer. Andruw Jones hit a tank shot. 

You always wonder if only he was a little more careful out in the field maybe he stays healthy long enough to break Barry Bond's record. It's not even a hypothetical, it's just a plain old fact. No steroids. No corked bats. Just the most pure swing you'll ever see with your own two eyes. The Kid. 


Okay I couldn't do a Griffey blog without including the Linda Cohn interview so here it is. One of the more painfully awkward things you'll ever watch in your life.