Back Where He Began: Gus Duggerton Returns to Toledo, Opens Season With Duggleheader Sweep

It is only fitting that on Father's Day, Gus Duggerton made a decision that would be best for him and his family.

It is only fitting that after bouncing around the country and finally winning a National Championship, Gus Duggerton returned home to Toledo, Ohio.

That's right, America's Coach is back where this crazy journey began six years ago: in the MAC! He just won the BCS Title with a big SEC School, but if he can do the same with the Rockets? We're talking GOAT status.

Given that Toledo is not a Power 5 school, the Rockets have to schedule very strategically if they want to have any shot at making it back to the biggest stage of them all. And as Coach Duggs usually does, there were no cupcakes on the menu this year.

USC. Florida. Notre Dame. Tennessee?!?! Sign me up. With a slate like this, the path back to the Natty is certainly there. What will it take? A superb season from the Rocket players, which consist of the following student-athletes:

What a loaded squad! As much heat as the NCAA takes for certain decisions, you have to tip your cap to them for allowing the transfer waivers of Blake Bortles, PFT Commenter, and Norm Wood to go through. Good on them.

After finalizing the roster, it was time to put his players to work. Game 1 of the Duggleheader was against a school Coach Duggs was at just four seasons ago. 

Remember Hollywood Duggs? Well, he would be on the visitors sideline for this one against the USC Trojans.

America's Coach bought into the ground game to start this one off. FB Brock Hemi and RB Bam Bam Calloway had a field day early on.

After transferring to Toledo to pursue a master's degree in spelling, PFT Commenter started his 2019 campaign off on the right foot.

As the game went on, the two teams traded punches and it was eventually the radical Rocket rushing game that proved to be too much for the Trojans.

Week 2 consisted of welcoming the Florida Gators to the Glass Bowl for the home opener. While RB Bam Bam Calloway scored a pair of touchdowns in the big win over USC, that was nothing compared to what the Heisman hopeful did to this SEC squad.

That's right, this tailback is off to a rapid start under Gus Duggerton, and he is certainly a guy to keep an eye on as this season progresses.

For the second straight game, Toledo rushed their way to another huge victory, this time, at home.

After witnessing Bam Bam Calloway score five touchdowns in two games for the Rockets, you would think the Toledo tailback would be up there for college football's most prestigious trophy, right?

You're not going to believe who spoiled this one...

The shocker of all shockers! Rico Burgerton is back! And Tennessee is on the Toledo schedule! 

That game will be Wednesday night along with Notre Dame, but tomorrow is all about Coach Duggs getting his feet wet in the MAC. Three, potentially four games are on the schedule (time TBD). Keep en eye out for the start time.

But for now, remember this: Gus Duggerton is a family man, and that is why he came home.