This HBO Bracket Is By Far The Worst Thing Rotten Tomatoes Has Ever Done

People really get bent out of shape at Rotten Tomatoes. For a website that gives composite scores of movies I'm often surprised at the level of ire they draw from all corners of the world. That's how I feel on most days. Today? Today is a day I fully understand the rage, the fury, the desire to shout in public. This bracket, officially, has me Mad Online™️.

Game Of Thrones isn't one of the two best shows in HBO history. It was certainly on pace, boy oh boy was it on pace. Sorta like how the 73-win Warriors were "on pace" to be the greatest basketball team of all time. The 18-0 Patriots were "on pace" to be the greatest team the gridiron ever witnessed. Then LeBron James, David Tyree, and Bran the Broken happened. And, to be fair to Game of Thrones, it isn't even the worst player in this final round. Westworld??? Westworld's not better than Curb. Westworld's not better than VEEP. Westworld's not even better than Deadwood. Even if you disagree with any of those correct takes, it most CERTAINLY is not better than The fucking WIRE. What a Duke ass tournament to have an undeserving team get ushered into the Finals with the help of the officials. 

Game of Thrones beat Chernobyl to reach the finals. I don't have much of a problem with saying GoT was better than a one season mini series. I have a big fucking problem with saying Chernobyl is better than The Sopranos. Mostly because that's wrong and incorrect. Sopranos has as good of a case as any show to win this tournament. Naturally they were eliminated in the third round. And hell, if we're giving shows credit for one season: True Detective is better than Chernobyl, too. If only peak seasons matter then True Detective is maybe the best show on the board. 

I'm mad online. On a Sunday night no less! On a Father's Day evening no less! For shame, Rotten Tomatoes bracket of HBO's original programming. For shame.