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The Top 7 Fathers Who Deserve An Uninterrupted Nap On The Couch Today

Like many holidays, Father's Day is a day that should be celebrated more than once a year. For some, it's a celebration for their Dad who's spent many years providing for their kids to get them through school, teach them valuable lessons, and honor all of the farts they let out at the dinner table. For some, it could be a dreadful day. I like to make sure those who aren't able to celebrate today's day the way they'd like to are always being thought of and aren't alone. Whether you're celebrating today or not, I believe we should at least honor these 7 fathers who deserve the best nap on their couch.

1. Philip Rivers

Matthew said it best! Out of all the players on the Colts roster, how did Philip Rivers, father of 9, not make this collage?? Maybe they couldn't fit them all? Either way, I couldn't imagine the amount of work it takes to raise 9 kids, but I can imagine that Mrs. Rivers took the kids to the Indiana Children's Museum today and let Philip take the fattest nap of his life since his college days at NC State. Boy does it pay to be a Charger. Speaking of Chargers, can you guess who's next on this list?

2. Antonio Cromartie

If you don't know, the 11 year NFL vet has 14 kids, which is also the same number of tackles he had when he played for the Indianapolis Colts in 2016. I can't imagine how much $ he's spent on child support, but I can imagine the amount of time he's spent on the couch today. His TV is probably the first time he's locked down something since playing Peyton Manning and the Colts in 2007. 

3. Steve Martin

First of all, the original is better. 2nd, I would be a fool not to show my respect to Tom Baker, aka Steve Martin. If you've seen the movie, you'd know this guy was living in a madhouse! Whether it was cooking breakfast, dealing with dogs, or dealing with his daughters boyfriend problems, this guy never had a day hour off! But boy did he know to entertain me as a kid. Tom Baker deserves to sleep on the softest sofa you can find only at Ikea.

4. Drake

Though he only has one kid (that we know of), I believe Drake doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He's had a child for almost 3 years now, kept him a secret for 1 year until he made a song about him, and showed his face to the world when he was 2 years old. That takes some SERIOUS baby sitters to not only watch his kid, but to make sure they don't take any selfies with his kid. I've always wished Drake a happy Father's Day every year just by the way he looks, but this year, Drake deserves to "Take Care" of himself and get a fat nap in.

5. Chief Keef

These bitches love Sosa, and so do the kids! At age 24 with 10 kids, Chief Keef has been an inspiration for not only Soundcloud rappers, but a role model to his 10 kids. Some say Chief Keef has more kids than he does hits, but when you make 'Love Sosa' you're set for life. Except for paying child support. 

6. The Putman Family

Good. God. There's truly nothing TLC. The only channel where you can watch a family live through an abnormal living situation, and seem normal. That sentence was probably hard to process, but so was hearing that there are 10 adults and 15 grandkids living in the same house. This is like living on a floor of a college dorm! I see 5 male adults in this thumbnail, so I'm going to wish those 5 gentlemen a Happy Father's Day and a fat nap. 

7. Jon from Jon & Kate Plus 8

One of the GOAT show's to come from TLC! I was probably in 4th or 5th Grade, but Jon and Kate Plus 8 was the shit! I truly believe this show put some respect on reality TV shows. Since Jon and Kate got divorced in 2009, the show hasn't been the same. While Kate is still racking up the money, Jon has been DJing at Chili's! 

Honorary Mention: Rappers/R&B Musicians.

I for some reason thought Chief Keef was the only popular artist with a shitload of kids, but it turns out I was dead wrong. YoungBoy NBA who is TWENTY years old has 7 kids, our lord and savior Future has 8, and DMX has 15! FIFTEEN KIDS! The more the merrier I suppose. The child support must be insane, but these guys can literally make an album for each of their kids, go on tour, and will be financially set for the rest of their lives. Must be nice! 

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there. Be sure to check in on those who are celebrating differently, and make sure someone got the best nap of their life today.