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Saying "Kobe" When Shooting Into A Trash Can Is One Helluva Legacy

When Kobe Bryant passed earlier this year, also known as the longest year in recorded history, the NBA mulled over about a thousand different ways to commemorate his legacy. They discussed changing the logo from Jerry West to a Kobe fade away. There was talks about league wide retirement of 8 and 24. They settled on the naming rights for the All Star Game trophy along with one team wearing 8 while the other donned 24 for this year. All great, I think the NBA handled that as best they could. But nothing they could do could ever commemorate Kobe Bean Bryant quite like what we've all been doing for years.

It feels like Dave Chappelle gets the credit for this, but even in his skit he references that this was already a thing. Matter of fact it was the goddamn basis for the entire skit. I don't know when, where or why it happened. But it did. You yell Kobe when you shoot into a trash can. That's just one of those things that broke across all barriers of life. You don't even have to be a basketball fan to know you yell Kobe. The Undertaker is a perfect example. He grew up a hooper, so it's no surprise he says it. But the people watching him aren't necessarily basketball fans. If they didn't know it or say it before, they will now. "They," of course, being Robbie Fox. The Celtics fan in me will always find it hilarious that Kobe's name will forever be synonymous with trash, but even I can't knock how strong of a legacy this is. Long live Kobe trash can shots.