PK Subban #Confirmed Not A Pit Master

The only way to learn how to make good barbecue is to make a ton of bad barbecue along the way. So PK Subban's best days on the spit are still ahead of him. But cooking up a whole hog isn't too much unlike dropping the mitts on the ice. There's a fight or flight mentality going on here. As soon as he dropped that hog, it was like he just got bulldozed by Brayden Schenn reverse hit. And at that point, he could either accept the challenge to fight or he could just try to skate away in fear. 


Initial reaction was just to get out of there. That's not gonna get it done, PK. Turtle City. You hate to see it. 

Now if you want to see how whole hog bbq is really supposed to be done, allow Rodney Scott to take you to church real quick.