Go Off Queen: Hot Russian Nurse, Who Only Wore Underwear With Her See-Through Gown, Gets a Modeling Contract

By now you've heard about the Russian nurse who was originally punished for only rocking underwear under her protective COVID-19 gown. If you haven't let's refresh real quick.

Nadia Zhukova caught a lot of heat when a photo of her working in only underwear at a hospital went super viral. Despite getting zero complaints from the men-only wing that she worked in, she was suspended. The fucking nerve some people had to be upset while she's risking her own health to treat patients during a global pandemic. I mean gimme a break. That protective suit must have felt like a million degrees with actual clothes on and we're going to make a big deal about underwear? Don't make the suit see-through next time.

Her patients probably were having the time of their lives getting treated. If anything she was providing everyone with a nice little pick me up during dire times. Being in a hospital is miserable 24/7. It's the worst place on Earth. You pull a stunt like this and you're a hero to all. 

Nadia's discipline was almost immediately overturned after the world jumped to her side. Her backlash turned into applause from everyone at the hospital, and now she's a model! 

The Sun - She was originally rapped by hospital bosses “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing”. The nurse complained she was “too hot” in the hazmat gown - and her punishment was withdrawn after a furious backlash from the public against her being disciplined.

Now she is not only keeping her job but posing as a model for a Russian sports clothes line while also announcing that she plans to study to become a doctor. Pictures show her wearing ZASPORT sport clothes, a brand founded by the daughter of a top FSB security service official.

Hell yeah! Nadia recently signed a modeling contract with Zasport that she'll fulfill on the side while working as a nurse. 

Here's her Insta caption from the post at the top of the blog translated using the Google machine

Doctors deserve respect and support. Everyone knows the story that happened to me, but I never strove to become famous, I have different guidelines in life. I want the doctors to be respected, to appreciate our work, not only in the current situation. It is a great honor for me to work with the @zasport brand, which cooperates with world champions, with Olympic champions, and which pays great attention to the social direction. I want to be useful in this and hopefully I will get

I actually love this woman. L-O-V-E. Good for her for getting this kind of recognition after the initial backlash. Now she's the face of an ad campaign for Russia's annual health worker day. That's hero ball right there. Her main goal remains to become a doctor, but for now she'll model on the side while still being a nurse. Hopefully she's getting some good coin out of it that can help her pay for school down the road. You do you girl. Hot. Heroic. Smart. Not about the fame. Wants to save lives. Wife material through and through.