Weekend Wake Up: King Curtis And His Bacon

We got another 2000's viral video here, this time from the show "Wife Swap". I've never seen any episode of this show, but I suddenly have the urge to watch a whole King Curtis documentary. Everything that came out of Curtis' mouth was electric, maybe the most quotable person on tv in 2009. Everything he's rattling off is great. "Bacon is good for me", "she can't catch me in those little high heels". My man is getting visibly frustrated at having to throw out cheesewiz. He even gets sooooo mad at the new mom that he packs his bags and heads to his grandparents house to eat chicken nuggets. Something KC and I can both relate with. Then a few years later he ended up on an episode of Pawn Stars, so I guess things were going okay for good old King Curtis. And he's right, bacon IS good for him. Long live the king.