You Gotta Listen To Your Fighter If They Ask You To Stop The Fight 9 Times Inbetween Rounds

Man, this is tough to watch. We've seen some questionable corner work since this whole pandemic matchmaking stuff started (Glover Teixeira vs Anthony Smith being the most glaring example), but Max Rohskopf begging his corner to stop the fight over and over and over again after taking a brutal beating and just sorta getting nothing back in return might take the cake. I know corners are supposed to fire their fighters up, and make them believe in themselves and all, but you shouldn't have to ask NINE TIMES for anything in life!

Obviously, as seen in that clip, the fight DID get called moments later when the referee asked him if he wanted to continue or not personally, but who knows if it woulda had Max gotten off the stool at the end of that round. I think his corner was ready to send him back out for a mauling, which is just inexcusable. I've embedded some highlights from the fight below, where it's abundantly clear that Rohskopf had absolutely nothing left in the tank....