"We Got All Types Of Issues In The World, We Don't Need Crab Issues"- Bubba Watson Speaking The Truth

First of all, Rory saying, "Not the sort of crab issues most people are worried about" is an A+ joke. That's not even a dad joke I don't thknk, that's just a sold joke from Rory. What can't Rory do? #1 golfer in the world and a comedian. The guy can't miss.

I do have a question though, if Bubba had simply been playing a practice round with zero cameras around would he have been as concerned about the well-being of that crab? Or would he have just launched that crab into outer space? I hate to say it but I think he would've launched that crab into outer space. Bubba seemed far more concerned about how people at home would view him if he hit his ball while the crab was under it as opposed to just looking out for the well-being of the crab. I want to give Bubba the benefit of the doubt here but I'm just calling it like I see it. I honestly think he would've launched the crab. Although I think the crab died from heat exhaustion instantly after crawling out from under Bubba's ball anyway. However many people are saying Bubba should've tried to administer CPR to the crab.