Justin Thomas Sounds Off On PGA TOUR Host Town Hilton Head, SC Not Social Distancing

I feel like this is a pretty common sentiment not just around Hilton Head this week but around everywhere right? Corona is still a thing yet we’re reopening all over the place and at different paces. Phase 1. Phase 2. I mean phase 2 and a half is a fucking thing. So how are we supposed to feel about it? Sports are kinda returning in bubbles and folks are pumped about it yet Nick Watney just got sent home with the virus for simply returning to work. Again what are we supposed to feel? Think?

It’s a weird place and I know you didn’t ask but I’m happy to tell you that overall I think we’re doing the right thing. Are we all going to stay caged up inside for a year maybe ten until someone finds a cure or are we going to say hey, things are starting to be more under control in a lot of places, let’s cautiously get some normalcy back? Easy answer. And golf is a big part of that. So let’s all — especially you Hilton head — be careful and be smart so we don’t ruin this. Please. I need action so please let’s keep this around. Please. Go Berger go.