Wild Video Of A Bear Running Up A Hunter's Tree Stand And Staring Him DIRECTLY In The Face

Not the bear I was expecting to wake up to on a Saturday morning during pride, yet here we are. I watch a bunch of NatGeo (expert alert), so here's what I think happened: these guys set up a tree stand with a bunch of bait (apples, acorns, feed) around that black barrel you see in the beginning of the video hoping to lure deer. Instead, two black bears showed up and the more dominant one chased the other up a tree...


As this was happening, both hunters shit their pants. Again I don't know if that's true, but that would be my guess. I also would've done the exact same thing had I been this close to getting my face ripped off...


 I'm not saying the bear would've killed them, but it could've easily done some damage. Thank God it had just been emasculated otherwise maybe it would've taken a bite. Insane. Have a great Saturday.