Attorneys Tried To Subpoena The NCAA In The Case Against Zion Williamson - Slight Problem, They Sent The Subpoena To A Dentist In South Bend

[The Athletic] - Attorneys representing a marketing director who is suing Zion Williamson filed a subpoena on Wednesday to “Produce Documents, Information, or Objections or to Permit Inspection of Premises in a Civil Action on the following”:

R/A Douglas J. Kosek
413 W. Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend, IN. 46601

Only problem: the NCAA is in Indianapolis not South Bend, and Doug Kosek is a dentist.

Oh come on. This has to be fake. There's no way you can be this stupid. How do you have this huge case against Zion Williamson, one at the least could be settled out of court and you get a decent chunk of money, and send the subpoena to a goddamn dentist? How do you not know that the NCAA is located in Indianapolis - not South Bend, where Notre Dame is. 

You know how? 

Coach K fucked with the mail. That's the only way this actually played out. I refuse to believe somebody can be so stupid that they'd send a subpoena to the NCAA to a dentist. It has to be a Coach K ploy, it just has to. 

You're telling me you don't think Coach K had something to do with this? Kinda fishy it went to South Bend where Mike Brey, a former Coach K assistant coach? Hmm. Just starting to connect the dots that these garbage attorneys couldn't do. It just doesn't make sense. How do you not do the slightest bit of research? 

Also how does a company have the NCAA name? The NCAA literally bans people on Twitter from having that in their handle, but a dentist office can have it? Something is fishy. I don't like the smell of it. 

Fuck Duke.