There Was Nothing Like That Random Player Who Was Unstoppable In Old 2Ks

Every once in a while you'll find yourself scrolling Twitter and coming across a tweet that really hits home. That's what the tweet above was for me. Out of nowhere I was reading the most relatable tweet I've seen in years. I think part of my surprise was the realization that I was not alone in experiencing Gerald Green's 2K dominance. I thought I was the only one who knew how unstoppable he was. You see, back in those early 2K years around 2006/2007 I was pretty certain that the only championships I would see the Celtics win would be the ones that I won myself. Times weren't all that great back then. This was way before online really became a thing so the MyGM/Dynasty mode was all I did. I remember very vividly even all these years later the big internal debate that went down when we officially moved on from Ricky Davis in order to give the keys to Gerald Green. Ricky Davis was also no joke in those games either. Very underrated Pierce sidekick. Well almost instantly Green won MVPs and Finals MVPs. It was unlike anything I ever imagined. He was dunking from the FT line, had an insane first step, was money from three, great size, it was most definitely not the same Gerald Green I was watching in real life. Easily the most unstoppable player in the NBA and it as so much fucking fun.

That's why when I saw that tweet what I didn't see was a lie anywhere to be found. 2K Gerald Green was 100% better than LeBron. Fact not opinion.

There's really only one other random NBA player I remember playing with that was that level of unstoppable and that was Marcus Banks in the NBA Live 2003 days. So goddamn fast and averaged no fewer 5 steals a game. Nobody could score on him on one end and then he easily blew by everyone else on the other. Steal game so good it makes Chris Paul blush.

So after I was done reminiscing about some decade plus old 2K Dynasties I've had, it made me wonder. What's your favorite random player you always used to love playing Live/2K with that was virtually unstoppable? We all have em. You choose a team while playing a buddy and he clowns on you not knowing you know Player X is about to tear that ass up. You then proceed to dominate and he can't understand how Player X is that good. Who's that guy for you?

For me it'll always be Gerald Green