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Taking You Into The Weekend By Celebrating Dirk's 42nd Birthday

Today is Dirk's 42nd birthday and boy does that make me feel old. How is Dirk already 42? Seeing as how Dirk is one of the most universally beloved NBA players ever, it only makes sense to end our week giving him a quick birthday shoutout. One of the best power forwards in NBA history, his resume speaks for itself.

21 NBA Seasons

14 x All-Star

12 x All-NBA

6th All-Time PTS

NBA Champion

NBA Finals MVP


7th All-Time DREB

11th All-Time 3PM

9th All-Time FGM

4th All-Time GP

The list goes on and on. That 2011 title was one of the few that even if you weren't a Mavs fan you were rooting for so Dirk's legacy would be cemented. I always thought it was awesome how he stayed in Dallas his whole career, we know he can party with the best of em, and I honestly can't remember ever hearing someone say something bad about Dirk. I'm not so sure we'll see another superstar like that be so universally loved again. I think Giannis has a chance, but only if he stays in MIL for his entire career. 

Either way, those top 50 Dirk highlights are always worth a watch, and that is especially true on his birthday.