Big Cat And the Hooliganz Have Made Me An Esports Believer

Esports are nothing new. Barstool Sports (unlike podcasts right KFC and Brendan Clancy) did not invent esports, however I absolutely did not understand the appeal until recently.

I'm admittedly not a huge video games guy. I played a ton of 2k and GTA in college, but didn't have them growing up and haven't spent a ton of time playing since, which, I imagine, puts me well outside of the target demographic. This completely changed with Big Cat, Duggs and the boys. I now understand what people get from esports. The drama, the pain and, at last, the joy of victory. 

When you are watching regular, more traditional, team sports the blame very rarely falls on one person. Sure, a kicker could miss a kick, a quarterback could throw and interception or someone could miss a shot or blow a defensive assignment, but you can always trace it back to something someone else did. Had something earlier happened, then they would not have been in the position to fail. It is less black-and-white or clear cut.

With video games and esports, that goes right out the window. The sole responsibility of everything that happens all falls onto that one person. The only defense is the classic "the game is cheating" response, which generally lacks validity and substance in reality.

Duggs' success and a desire to know what is going on with the company I work at has also led me to watching a ton of Hank, Glenny, Smitty, Muj and the entire Hooliganz outfit play first person shooter games as well. I was shocked to find the same result. I was fascinated, less about what was exactly going on in the game, but the absolute pressure put on and raw emotion evoked when you are playing video games in front of a large audience. Congrats to Duggs on the dub, congrats to the Hooliganz on the conception and early success.

I have discovered that to be a fan of esports, all you need is to be a fan of is watching humans absolute torment themselves, which really is the highest form of American entertainment, right?

Sidebar: If I hypothetically want to get into gaming on a next generation system, where would be a good place to start for someone with limited experience? This Hooliganz thing looks promising and I kind of want to hitch myself to the rocket ship.

To listen to Erika speak to Johanna Faries, the commissioner of the Call of Duty League, listen to today's Token CEO here: