It's Fridayy

"Friday Vibes" may sound like the third most popular Chainsmokers-centric Spotify playlist on any given rose gold iPhone 6s at Ellie Schnitt's 2015 high school graduation party, but it's actually almost as cool as that. As one of my favorite recurring days/events—just a group of aging white males jamming, reminiscing, and vibing amongst one another—Friday Vibes on The Yak has always managed to boost my mood tenfold and make me feel this intense nostalgia about the "good days of yesteryear" that never actually happened because I spent my college weekends running on shoddy hotel treadmills in Ypsilanti, Michigan instead of doing things like partying or having fun. And on a day like today, a sunny Friday in June going on three-plus months of being out of the radio studio, I'm missing it more than fucking ever. So, here's one of my favorite moments/the only clip I could find on my Macbook of Friday Vibes:


To a lot of casual fans, I feel like Rone may come across as some kind of multi-talented creative genius and elegant wordsmith, but he's actually exactly that. His off-the-cuff speaking and story-telling abilities are especially remarkable when you juxtapose them to some of his cohosts, who are often rendered completely incapable of vocalizing any semblance of coherent words or phonemes.



Granted, I was in the midst of being instilled with fear by my boss over the infamous Dunkin' Awards fiasco, but I'm not sure Brandon has an excuse for this spontaneous and prehistoric-sounding guttural utterance:



And then there's others like Steven Cheah, who is known to preface/segue questions solely pertaining to sports memorabilia by mentioning the masturbation habits of his colleagues: