Who Wins The Spittin' Chiclets Dance Off?

When it comes to dancing, who holds the crown on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast? If you're asking me, it's Ryan Whitney in a landslide. Now, some of you may say..."Grinnelli, Biz basically did a perfect Robot, are you stupid?" Well, yes I am stupid and Biz did do a fantastic robot. But the synchronization (shoutout to me for the big word) between Whit and Taylor Hall is impeccable. 

You KNOW some practice went into this dance. The Oilers were legit brutal that season, it makes perfect sense that they were having Jackie Moon esq practices where they practiced dance and not hockey. I can picture it's a cold -32 degrees in Edmonton and you have Taylor Hall putting Whit through the RINGER trying to learn every step of this One Direction dance.