Is This Instagram Model Ready To Protect Mitch Trubisky's Backside?

I sure as hell hope so! There's an old adage in football that goes like this: "it all starts up front".  Last year the Bears OL was pretty mediocre; that's why Harry Hiestand was canned and Juan Castillo was brought in to coach them up. It was the one glaring weakness on the team and the ONLY reason they went 8-8. Had nothing to do with anything else, especially the coach or the QB. But now that we have the hottest IG model to ever IG model anchoring our OL? We literally cannot lose. 

#Pray4TheNFL and queue the music! 

Oh and PS if I'm Mitch (or BDN) I'm lobbying to move her to center.

PPS - join Smitty, Balls and I in Verdansk

Let's ride.