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Volcano Selfie, So Hot Right Now, Volcano Selfie

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Mashable- Just when you thought your weekend plans were really exciting, a few guys had to go and jump into an active volcano. Although George Kourounis, the adventurer responsible for the television series Angry Planet, is well known for extreme adventures, he really heated things up this time. (Sorry.) The good stuff starts at 1:10. Joined by Sam Crossman and guided by adventure filmmakers and lava lovers Geoff Mackely and Brad Ambrose, the team willingly dropped themselves into the Marum Crater, an active lava lake on the summit of the Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu, an Oceanian island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. Kourounis even took a moment to snap one of the most dangerous and epic selfies of all time.



Volcano selife!  Fucking right.  One of the only weird location selfies that I don’t actually hate and had wanted the person to get hurt or killed.  Actually if he had fallen backwards into the volcano after taking the selfie that would’ve made for a hilarious story.  But alas.  I still don’t hate it for the very simple fact that a volcano is a bad ass place to take a selife.  Not every body gets the chance to stand right next to a volcano in a giant alien suit.  That’s what selifes should be.  They should be taken in places where not a lot of people can go.  The problem with selfies is the stupid mother fuckers who think we want to see the same picture of their bathroom mirror over and over and over again.  They ruined selfies for everybody.  Nobody wants to see an overweight girl who repeatedly put pictures on her Facebook page so people will lie to her and tell her she’s pretty.  I want to see fucking volcanoes!  That’s what I want to see.  So props to this guy.  Volcanoes are the shit.


Remember as a kid when you used to jump from couch to couch pretending the floor was lava and you’d die if you fell in?  Man those were the days.