BREAKING: Big Cat Is Now The 100% Majority Owner Of The HooliganZ

BAW GAWD THAT'S WIDE DOG'S MUSIC!!!  Daniel Big Cat Katz is now the owner/gonvener of the Barstool HooliganZ!!!  What does that mean?  I have no fucking idea SUCCESS, GREATNESS, AND GLORY TO ALL THE ALMIGHTY!!!

But for real, super pumped to have Big Cat join the cause in any capacity.  Excited for what we all are going to do together in this E-Gaming world.  Same goes to Skip (Rone), Honk, Balls, Muj, and the countless more who have helped and tried out to become one of the HooliganZ.  We already have a HUGE deal going on for next week.  Stay tuned.  Great things are coming.  Support the Lads.  #BeUncommon

PS - Don't tell Big Cat he already forgot he has some ownership in Matt Walsh's New Zealand Breakers Esports team.  Don't need any conflicts at this point.