Is Jimmy G Hotter As A Woman?

The FaceApp has hit us with another round of viral trends. 

Last summer it was making everyone see what they'll look like when they're an old person. This summer it's how you'd look if you were the opposite sex. 

This prompted someone on Twitter to go through most major college coaches and each quarterback in the NFL and make the transition for them. 

The results have certainly been varied (Big Ben YIKES), but there is one that was bound to raise some eyebrows and who else could it be than pretty boy Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Whoa. Yo Jimmy you got a sister? Damn. 

I made the claim that this could be a very real possibility. 

Which OF COURSE was met with the inevitable response:


Have you seen the guy? He is the prime example of how life is really just not fair for most of us. Not only can he play quarterback well enough (debatable) to lead an NFL team within a quarter of a Super Bowl title, but he also looks like a greek statue in real life, and you can't deny that. 

If you're like J O S H (pictured above) you probably say something like "Well.. I wouldn't know" when your mom asks if the new guy your old girl is dating is attractive or gets a little stiff when his friend brings it in for a classic bro hug. 

It's ok. You can admit that an unbelievably good looking dude is, in fact, good looking. 

But Jimmy G as a chick? May be even better.