NickMercs and Pardon My Take Discuss How to Not Get Bullied by the Twitch Chat During Live Streams

To send you into the weekend, Pardon My Take welcomed on Esports legend NickMercs to the show. Participating in his first EVER podcast, the gamer discussed being a professional player, convincing his parents that there is a future in gaming, online culture, and more. There was also a conversation between Mr. Cat, Mr. Commenter, and NickMercs that they could each relate to: the Twitch chat, and for Big Cat specifically, the bullying. Before Coach Duggs won the National Title last night, haters like Poopystinks and Buttskrunker69 may have been the main reasons why America's Coach couldn't win the big one. But that all changed yesterday.

Mr. Cat: Explain this to me, this is the part I can't understand with Twitch. Maybe you have a different experience because you've been doing it for a very long time. I was reading up on you, you give back to your community, you do a lot of cool things. How do you get it so you don't get bullied by all the chat? like I just get bullied...

NickMercs: I got a lot of friends that get bullied all the time, too. It's kind of like an energy, man. I don't know, I get bullied, too, bro. They think I'm 5-7 and shit...

Mr. Commenter: Fuck yeah. That sucks, doesn't it. 

NickMercs: Yeah, it sucks. I'm six feet, man.

Mr. Commenter: Same.

NickMercs: People come up to me when they meet me in person, they're like, "Dude, I thought you were like 5-6, man." I'm like, "Fuck you, bro!"

Mr. Commenter: It is kind of nice to hear that sometimes. This dude came up to me on the street the other day, he was like, "PFT, you're a lot taller than I thought you'd be." And I'm like, "How tall did you think I was?" If you think 5-9 and 1/2 is tall...

Mr. Cat: But how do you stop the trolling? Do you just not read them? What I have is a lot of times people will just say, "Oh, your mic is broken." And it's not. But they'll spam it, and I'm so stupid that I stop everything and check, and it gets in my head. How do you stop that?

NickMercs: I don't think you do, I think you just embrace it. Now you're the guy with the broken fuckin' mic, you know what I mean? Broken mic, 120,000 viewers, suck my ass!

Mr. Cat: What about the lag switch? They claim I have a lag switch, that I change the settings, and when the game is lagged out, I change everything, cheat, and come back. What's that?

NickMercs: They're just messing with you, man. Because they know you're not a gamer gamer.

Mr. Cat: Right. I've never felt so old than I do on a Twitch chat. 

Could this advice from NickMercs have played a major role in Coach Duggs coming out on top last night? Potentially. It certainly can't hurt to have one of the best gamers out there give you some nice words before kickoff. To be honest, the coolest thing I noticed from this interview was the quality of NickMercs' camera. That's the clearest thing I've ever seen! So clean.