Bill Walton's Voicemail For Luke Walton Is EXACTLY How You'd Expect A Bill Walton Voicemail To Sound

I love this so goddamn much. Richard Jefferson hopped on with the Chiclets boys and dropped this story. And honestly we just need to chalk this up to being exactly what we expect. This is how I assume Bill Walton talks to Luke Walton at all times. Just gotta work under the assumption he introduced himself to Luke every time they talk as if Luke doesn't know it's his dad. Reminds me of Frank from Old School leaving a voicemail for his wife: 

'Hey Marissa it's Frank Ricard.' Will never stop laughing at that. 

And let's be honest, Luke being born in the house is even less shocking than this voicemail. Imagine being Richard Jefferson here though. Being paired up with the random weirdo roommate freshman year of college is terrifying. You don't want to deal with that. Meanwhile you have a roommate getting calls from his dad like that. You almost forget that he was an NBA MVP and arguably the greatest college hoops player of all time. 

Just trying to imagine Bill Walton as your dad is something too. I need to know what it was like growing up with him. Sitting around the dinner table as he goes on his rants, Grateful Dead playing in the background. It's gotta be one of the most absurd experiences out there. Long live Bill, man. 

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