One of the greatest sports movies of all time no bullshit. Gene Hackman absolutely crushes it as the hard-nosed coach just looking for a fresh start. Jimmy Chitwood has that one scene where he hits like 16 mid-range jumpers in a row. You got a classic Dennis Hopper all boozed up trying to make it right. Just an overall great story about a group of people just trying to make the most out of their situation and life. People who don't want to live with regret. Leaders that are unwilling to be intimidated by their opponents not to mention an award winning score. It's so good that I'll put a Hoosiers montage up there with the best of Rocky 1-4 and literally ANY Jean Claude Van Damme movie from 87-94. I feel like at this point if you're still reading and not already into the opening credits than someone has failed you miserably in life. Probably you're dad but definitely not me. Hoosiers is fucking awesome.