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Wake Up With The Super Mario Bros. 3 World Record Speedrun

I had a few beers last night so later start than I'd hope for a Friday morning wake up but same time it's Friday morning guys. Cut everyone some slack including yourself. Who cares if you mailed it in for the 14th quarantine week in a row or wherever the fuck we're at. If you're anything like the rest of us chances are this is going to be a big weekend for video games so let me run it back to the original game that got 5 year old carl juices flowing. My older brother (Kevin) whipped my older brother (Brian) with a controller chord one day and then my dad put Nintendo in the attic for like 6 years. He came home from work one day and was like "That's enough of that bullshit" and boom that's how I grew up 5-11 without a video game in sight. All you young dads out there think about that next time junior gives you some lip. My dad didn't fuck around. Great guy.