Wake Up With The Cavs Finally Ending Their Title Drought

It's not often you see a team come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals. In fact, other than the 2016 Cavs you've never seen it because nobody else has been able to do it. That's crazy enough in and of itself, but when you sprinkle in the fact that it came on the road against a 73-9 team? That's some all time shit. Period. You can hate LeBron, you can think Kyrie is a little looney, but there is no denying the historical significance of that 2016 comeback. 

After the Cavs were able to pull out Game 6, LeBron knew

He then came out and threw up 27/11/11/2/3 in Game 7 along with Kyrie's 26/6 and the rest is history. LeBron with one of the most iconic blocks in NBA Finals history, and Kyrie with one of the best Finals threes in history. Perhaps the craziest part of that game though was the fact that Draymond had 32 with 6 thees and Steph and Klay combined for 31 with 6 threes. Going 6-24 from deep in a Game 7 is some Rockets shit when you look back at it. As a team they were just 15-41. 

To me, it's always cool when a franchise wins its first ever title, and it's pretty unique that it's now happened twice with both times coming against the Warriors. I guess that's what happens when you make the Finals every year, but there's nothing like seeing a franchise, city, and fanbase win a ring for the first time. Especially in epic fashion like the 2016 Cavs were able to do.