We Have An Absolute BRAWL In The Australian Football League


The thumbnail I used is from getty and has nothing to do with the actual fight above. I simply typed in "Australian Rules Football Fight" and there was an ENDLESS catalogue of brawls. Donneybrooks. We, as a country with no sports right now, have FUCKED up. We got into horse racing, Korean Baseball, German soccer, and video games. Anything to pass the time until real sports came back. And the answer to our problems was right there. Australian Football looks awesome. Like Rugby, meets basketball, meets a bar fight. Looks amazing. And after a bench clearing brawl it seemed like nothing happened. One guy just picks up the ball and restarts play. Then...they all agree to fight again. Looks like something that could catch on here if we have it a shot. Look at these hits

This looks like the most dangerous team sport on the planet and I am here for it. Need this on FS1 by the end of the weekend.