Florida Man Friday: Crossbow Wielding Meth Head Terrorizes Town

Just another typical Florida headline to start your day...

Late Sunday night, Matthew Peters, 42, of Fort Walton Beach, loaded up his Ford pickup with two of his favorite things... A sweet crossbow and a baggie of meth.  

Fixin' to have a good time just cruising the town with some good tunes and his drug of choice, Peters left wherever he calls home in his 90's model Ford truck and set out to get some target practice in.  Peters was reportedly firing the crossbow out of his truck window at cars, pedestrians, and other shit.  It wasn't until he pulled up alongside 57-year-old Benny Davis, who was riding his bike for some reason at 11:15 PM, that he actually would do some damage.  Peters fired the crossbow at Davis, striking him in the head and knocking him to the ground.  

Police arrived at the scene shortly after and provided assistance to the victim.  Davis was taken to the hospital but was quickly released and is doing fine.  For Peters, he fled the scene and wasn't caught until two days later, when officers discovered his car parked outside the Seabreeze Inn.  Police surrounded the building and waited for Peters to come out.  Peters finally emerged from his room hours later, crossbow in hand, but was quickly apprehended and assumably distraught after the cops killed his good time. Police found Meth on Peters and a search of his room (which he probably calls home) revealed further evidence of the incident from Sunday night.  

Peters is currently waiting for his hearing in the Okaloosa County Jail.  He was charged with aggravated battery, one count of firing a DEADLY MISSILE into a moving vehicle and possession of methamphetamine. 

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