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Who Do Astronauts Hate More? Flat Earthers or People Who Think The Moon Landing Was a Hoax?

We had former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman on The Short Porch this week. Now you're immediate question is probably why? Well, we had a random space discussion a few weeks ago and a listener mentioned he grew up on the same block as a guy who had been in space for 95 consecutive days. We had to get him on the show and pick his brain. Turns out he's also a giant Yankees fan as a cherry on top. I can't imagine the difference in intelligence Garrett dealt with during his press tour between actual science nerds and then us three idiots. 

You don't have to be a Yankees fan to enjoy this interview at all. Garrett was one of the more interesting people I've ever spoken to and we need to have him on again down the road when he has more time. We covered aliens, NASA, Space X pooping in space, pooping at the bottom of the ocean, working with Elon Musk, and this question in the blog title that I've been wondering for a bit now. 

I wasn't sure if it was insulting to even bring up the topic of the moon landing being fake to an astronaut. I feel like for some it's a very sensitive subject and can be seen as mocking all they stand for. Lucky for us Garrett had no problem handling the question and shared his thoughts on both sides.

I'm pretty much the same thinking as Garrett here. If you actually think the Earth is flat then I've got nothing for you. There's some decent evidence to support the moon landing being fake, although I do believe it actually happened. Thinking the Earth is flat is just insane. What are we even doing here? 

Anyways, give the interview a listen if you have a few minutes this weekend, I promise you it won't disappoint. 



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