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Tiger Woods Bones Popped Out Of His Wrist And His Joints Went Out of Place But He Just Pushed Them Back In And Played On - WARRIOR




What a warrior!  What a trooper!  Tiger’s entire arm basically shattered on contact with some pine needles, but he just rubbed some dirt on it and kept playing.   Lesser men would have died.  Tiger Woods just acted like it ain’t no thing.  Talking like broken bones and dislocated joints is just another day at the office. Hero golf at it’s finest.   Yeah I know he lost by like 20 strokes but let’s give him the Green Jacket anyway.  I mean I’d like to see Jodan Speith play the back 9 with 1 arm.  No chance.  Tiger’s back y’all.  Tiger’s back!


PS – You know what the craziest part of that story is?  Tiger thinks we all believe it.