Wake Up With Amir Garrett Beefing With Kyle Schwarber

Amir Garrett has been flying up my rankings of favorite players not on the Orioles during this quarantine. He played awesome in the MLB The Show Players Tournament and has a great card that I've been using in my Diamond Dynasty bullpen (PSN: RDT122 if you want the smoke), and then he wanted to start some sort of MLB players fight club. I love it. It reminded me of the altercations he's gotten in over the past few years. Him taking on the entire city of Pittsburgh was good, but I love this classic exchange with Kyle Schwarber too. This isn't the first Cubs - Reds dustup, and it won't be the last. Garrett got the best of Kyle Schwarber in this at-bat and Kyle thought Amir was taking too long to get back to the dugout. Garrett was pumping his chest, screaming, shouting, but I didn't think it was anything over the line. Obviously Schwarber did and voiced his opinion. In a perfect troll fashion, Garrett up and SPRINTED back to the dugout with his hands up. Amir knew what he was doing, I'm sure that pissed Kyle off more than anything. Garrett has been one of the main players showing his true emotions, and what kind of person he is during all this. Chicago hated this move, but your boy loved it. 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.