Sopranos Star Went On Joe Rogan And Told A Story About How James Gandolfini Wanted To Beat The Shit Out Of Harvey Weinstein

TL;Didn't is the transcript

"I was in Jim's trailer and he had just did the movie with Brad Pitt, a mob movie, and he said 'Harvey Weinstein called and he wants me to do Letterman and I said I don't do talk shows. And he keeps calling and he got fucking nasty with Jim. And Jim said 'I will beat the fuck out of Harvey Weinstein if he fucking calls me again! I will beat the fuck out of him! For the money he paid me, I'm not fucking doing it.' Swear to God. And this is all before the Harvey Weinstein shit, when he was still the king shit. This was 2012."--Steve Schirripa

This is one of the great injustices of the world. James Gandolfini wanted to legit beat the fuck out of Harvey Weinstein and he died before he got the chance. If anyone, ever, needed an ass beating at the hands of Tony Soprano, it is Harvey Weinstein. Now, Gandolfini just didn't want to do the bullshit interviews with Letterman and that is why he wanted to beat the fuck out of him. It had nothing to do with Weinstein being the biggest scumbag in the world. Whatever the reason was, Weinstein deserved that beating and then some. I can't even imagine what Tony Soprano would've done to Weinstein if he knew what Weinstein was actually up to. And I know Gandolfini isn't Tony Soprano, I know it's character. I don't care. Nobody has ever embodied his role as perfectly as Gandolfini. He was born for that role and he would've snapped right into character and appropriately beat the piss out of Weinstein. 

PS: I realize this blog had an element of click bait to it. For that I apologize. I still think it's a great story. The idea of Gandolfini getting so mad about having to do bullshit makes me laugh. 

As a penance here is all of the Ohs in the Sopranos