The Worst Human On The Planet Was Spotted In Brooklyn Today

I don't understand how everyone has peacefully coexisted with the No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service policy at restaurants for their entire lives even though it exists so those places doesn't look like a bunch of poors and hillbillies are inside yet wearing a mask during a global pandemic is this massive ask. Then again, this guy had a problem with black lives simply mattering and responded by chanting the always delightful All Lives Matter chant while also protesting having to wear a mask that could end up saving someone's life, which essentially means No Lives Matter If I Am Slightly Inconvenienced. True galaxy brain shit. 

I imagine the Oscars are going to be pretty slim on entries this year due to movie theaters closing down and studios pushing releases back until everything is open again. But I am officially submitting this short film for a new award called The Most 2020 Video Of The Year. Based on content of this extremely pleasant maybe pregnant man's argument to a Phone Off between cashier and customer being recorded by a third phone to everything taking place in a city that was the epicenter for a global pandemic like a month ago, this shit is as much a lock to win this very new, very fake award as The Rundown was to become a shitshow now that everyone's on Skype again. 

P.S. I think this jackhole living in Bed Stuy officially cancels out the greatest rapper ever growing up there. Christopher Wallace is shaking his damn head at this shit while playing Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis on the comfiest cloud in heaven.