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It Looks Like Mike Perry Got Into An Accident/Scuffle Of Some Sort - But He Says His Fight Next Saturday Is Still On

Uhhhhh - I really don't know what to make of this! Are you alright dude?!

Did Mike Perry get into a fight? With Thanos? Possibly a car accident of some sort? When I got into my accident last week, my hand was sorta cut up like that from the front of the steering wheel exploding when the airbag went off. That's the first thing that came to mind. I dunno! He shared no details other than saying his fight next Saturday is still on.

Mike Perry's been one of the UFC's most erratic and unpredictable superstars since his debut back in 2016, so the insane nature video shouldn't necessarily shock ya. I mean - he just fired all of his coaches and decided his new girlfriend is gonna be his only cornerman, and told Darren Till he was gonna fuck his mom and then kick her in the face, as Till hilariously explains here....

...but eventually this guy is just gonna go full Mayhem Miller, and I feel like that day isn't too far away!

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