Jordan Spieth Just Played Every Average Golfer's Dream Round - Except His Round Is A 66 At Harbour Town

Now hear me out when I describe the average golfer. It's the guy who opens the round par-par-triple like Spieth did here. You hit those first two pars and you're thinking alright, this is the day I break 80 - perhaps I'm just talking about me though since I've yet to break 80. Then the triple happens on hole 3 and you know that feeling all too well. It's most likely a hooked drive, chunk out of the rough, approach shot short, duffed or skulled chip, on in 5 and a 2 putt. 

Now here is where it's the average golfer's dream round. We all know what happens after you put a triple on the card. You're going to bogey golf at best. You're likely overcompensating on the next hole and trying to swing out of your shoes with a little grunt on the drive for extra distance and you top it 100 yards out. But this is the dream round. So Spieth goes birdie and pars out the rest of the 9. It's an unusual feeling but you got that little pep in your step as you make the turn. You play it safe and stick to your morning drink - can't risk bad juju, so you stick to the vodka drink you have. 

And then it happens. Birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie. Unbelievable. Granted this shit will never happen to the average golfer like us, but it's the dream we're talking about here. 

I will say this. I'm not a Spieth fan. Still mad at him for finding that ball in the 2017 Open and scrambling to stay alive and steal the win from Kuch. But I love that he's back playing well so I have someone to cheer against. Golf is at its best when I can have a rooting interest (looking at you Rickie, DJ, etc) vs someone I'm not a fan of (Spieth, Poulter, non-Ryder Cup Reed, etc). 

Fucking six birdies in a row. Show off.