These NBA Concept Jerseys For Orlando Are A Great Idea

Now this is pretty damn cool. I won't pretend to know what the rules are with NBA jerseys and what the league is allowed to bring/do in Orlando, but this is a great idea. It's innovative, right to the point, and I think this is a no brainer for the league to do. Maybe not these exact ideas, but something similar. To me this is why the internet is awesome. Conrad also came up with a court design as well 

Very cool. As we know, the topic of the NBA returning and being a distraction vs using that platform to continue spreading the message is extremely complicated. Neither side of the argument is wrong. But what we need is some creative solutions and to me this is a great way to use the Orlando platform. You think about all the eyeballs that will be watching these games and this is a way for the message to be present at all times. Not just when players give a postgame interview. 

The NBA is one of the most progressive leagues out there and to me this is a creative option that they should absolutely consider. Tweak it slightly if you have to, but everything should be on the table for once games start back up again. I like this in addition to the warmup shirts we've seen in the past because this will be present for the duration of a game, not just warmups. 

Like with everything, I'm sure there will be some people out there that would have a problem with these. That's simply the world we live in. But at the very least if the league doesn't go with the jersey idea due to rules or whatever else, the court idea is something they should consider. 

Hopefully there are already ongoing conversations about some creative things the league can do, but this would be a great place to start.