Ilya Kovalchuk Wants To Murder The Penguins And Dismantle Them Limb By Limb


You can take the man out of Russia but you can't take the Rusky out of the man! Goodness gracious I have never seen Ilya Kovalchuk like that. He looks like he's about to go 10 rounds in an underground Moscow fight club. Guy has been in 8 fights in his NHL career but now I'm wishing it was way, way more. He could cave in Reavo's face in a split second. Not I take that back, Reaves would have to be on the ice for that to happen. 

And what is he actually training for?



That has to have you fired up. The players want to get back out there so badly. It gives me hope that even though it'll look and feel different, these guys still want it just as badly. Sure there won't be fans for that atmosphere, but the second they get on the ice they will be out for blood. Pray for the Penguins.