The "Youre Disrespecting A Future US Army Soldier" Kid Is Now A US Soldier

I gotta be honest; I dont know if this kid is really that kid or not... but if it was... 

adam sandler bus GIF Giphy Images.

I love seeing folks chase their dreams and then end up with a hand full of dreams like a snowcone grab from Willy Mayes. Just running down your dream with an over the shoulder catch to end all catches. Sure, you looked like a little baby backed bitch when you were a pre-teen in glasses but now you are on tick tock probably getting titties and stuff DM'd to you on the regular. Not bad for a little comeuppance if you ask me. Getting tock tits on the regular >>>>


What happened to Fetty Wap? Seems like he popped up on the scene and then was off the scene. Obsence, you know what I mean? Incredible. Miss you, Fetty Wap!

Also, I hope that is the Future Soldier kid. If anyone knows him, reach out to him. NEED him on ZBT. 

PSS. If it's not him and it's a prank, I was just goofin anyway.