Silly IG Model Has No Idea How To Properly Wear Overalls

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

BAM!  Take notes, farmers and you ol' coots surviving that Dust Bowl! THAT'S how you overall!  I think!  Whatever works even though it may not!  But it's AMAZING she's finding an outlet to be creative with clothing, during a global pandemic, no less!  Down with Covid-19!  Up with personal creativity with clothing! Go Colleen go!  

*COLLEEN BREAK - Somebody check in on Fortnight Boy and remind him I'm doing his job, again!  It's tough getting all these PAGEVIEWS!!!


Thank you, Colleen!  Stay creative and safe out there!  Down with Coronavirus!